The advice that you need with the leading real estate agency in the Principality

The advice that you need with the leading real estate agency in the Principality

Market fluctuations, invest andorra, purchase, sale or lease, permutes, revaluation, offer, demand, commission, mortgage, notary, Euribor, licence, deed, capital gain, fixed, variable, nominal interest rate... Any questions? Although it does not look like it, any real estate transaction is conditioned by multiple variables.

Aware of this reality, we explain today in our blog the reasons why we are the real estate agency of the Principality.

When we intend to buy or sell any property, the most common thing is that our heads are full of uncertainties and, therefore, questions to resolve. We want our buying and selling operations be carried out in complete safety and peace of mind. In addition, we naturally want it be economically advantageous to our interests and be completed as soon as possible. This is when the Inmobiliaria Superior team comes into play, just when it is necessary to resolve any type of question that is asked of the client, whether he is an investor or an individual.

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Make a bet on the insurance of your property in the Principality

Once the decision to buy or sell a property has been made, it’s logical that doubt overwhelms us. We want to make the most of it and take as few risks as possible. The most recommended way to do this is to use an expert to manage the process. In this sense, our agents will not only provide you with 100% personalized advice, but they will also manage the entire buying and selling process for you (mediation, processing, report writing, expert opinions, etc.).

We want to be your trusted real estate agent in Andorra, providing you with all the resources you need to ensure the success of your real estate transaction. As it could not be otherwise, if there is one aspect that defines the team of the Immobiliària Superior agency is its great knowledge of the Andorran real estate market, as well as the professionalism and 100% personalized treatment offered to all of the clients. In this sense, our real estate agents manage the entire real estate transaction process, from the marketing of the property to the conclusion of the transaction, with the corresponding formalization of all the necessary documentation.

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Our intention is always to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the ongoing transaction. Thus, when a potential buyer contacts us, our team of agents carries out an exhaustive search on the real estate market with the sole aim of finding the properties that best match their preferences. If we talk about properties for rent, the process is repeated: our agents always look for the properties best suited to the needs of the future resident, guaranteeing at all times that the contract in question don’t contain unfair terms.

As far as the owner of the building is concerned, we maintain a rigorous selection of tenants, carrying out appropriate checks in terms of solvency and reliability.

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We support you at all times to ensure your success

We don’t deny that buying and selling real estate is a rather complex operation. This is a vital decision and, therefore, it is always important to feel supported and helped. Aware that the majority of the population isn’t an expert in this field, Immobiliària Superior accompanies you in all legal and tax matters, because as we well know, a real estate transaction can, without proper advice, end up causing several problems and unexpected situations.

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In addition to the property assessment, we believe there are several other factors that require the intervention of a professional. Therefore, at Immobiliària Superior you will find the security and confidence to sell or buy your new home in Andorra. A career of more than 45 years in the Andorran real estate sector guarantees us. Our main objective is to work day after day to maintain the reputation that gives us the confidence and satisfaction of our customers, we are waiting for you!


Superior Real Estate offers a team of real estate experts with a personalized treatment, discover the individualised concierge service, accompanying you throughout the process and improving your experience in Andorra.


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