Reasons why it is interesting to invest in Andorra

Reasons why it is interesting to invest in Andorra

In recent times, Andorra, Living in Andorra or Investing in Andorra, have occupied a large part of public opinion and have triggered visits on internet search engines by investors and purchasing powers of all kinds. This interest, which is not new, has been brought to everyone's attention by the exodus of elite athletes, artists and, more recently, internet content generators (known as youtubers or streamers) due to its tax advantages, which are much more lax than those of its neighbouring countries, Spain and France.

This interest has been sparked by the efforts made by Andorran institutions to attract foreign investment to the Principality. The absence of certain taxes such as inheritance or gift tax, low taxation, an unbeatable quality of life, its high security and its geographical location make the small Pyrenean country an ideal destination for investors and start-ups.

Why invest in Andorra?

For the last decade, the economic reforms that Andorra has developed to comply with the requirements of the OECD have made it attractive for foreign investment and companies that want to develop their line of business under favourable tax pressures, without any type of restriction in any sector.

Andorra's tax rate is between 5% and 10%, its corporate tax rate is between 2% and 10% and its VAT (known as IGI) is among the lowest in Europe, at 4.5%. This type of taxation gives Andorra a clear competitive advantage that is difficult for other countries to match.

Investing in Andorra is investing in wellbeing

The very history of the country justifies the interest in deciding to reside or invest money in Andorra, as it has been characterised since its origin as a neutral and politically stable country.

Although it is true that the tax burden in Andorra is more advantageous than in other European Union countries, the small country in the Pyrenees has many other qualities that make it an ideal destination for settling down with your family or domiciling your business.

One of the aspects that is most taken into account when it comes to settling in Andorra, whether for economic or family reasons, is its location. Located 2 hours by road from major cities such as Barcelona and Toulouse, it facilitates connections and business development for companies established in the country and close to major tourist destinations. Andorra is amply prepared thanks to the infrastructures it has, as its offices, business buildings, commercial avenues and its financial system make it a safe place for businessmen and investors to set their sights on.

Its geographical environment completes the suitability of establishing oneself in the country, as it is surrounded by mountains, nature and environmental quality that satisfy the demands of those who wish to establish themselves in the country. Who are looking for the best of the best. In addition, its health system, educational model and public safety are aspects that convince opportunity seekers.

Invertir en Andorra

The real estate sector in Andorra: a rising market

Thanks to the gradual opening up of the economy imposed by the Andorran government, there has been a significant increase in demand for real estate in Andorra from foreign investors. Within the real estate sector, the most sought-after properties are luxury homes.

However, in order to obtain a property in Andorra, a series of conditions are required, such as:

  • Being of legal ag
  • Not to have a criminal record
  • To reside more than 90 days a year in the country
  • Deposit a deposit of €30,000 plus €7,000 for each member of the family.
  • Pass a medical examination
  • Demonstrated financial solvency
  • An investment of 400,000 €
  • Passport and certificate of marital status
  • CPassport and certificate of marital status
  • Proof of bank guarantee

For all its financial and residential conditions, investing in Andorra is a safe bet Its economic projection makes it one of the preferred countries for investors from all over the world..

Investing in Andorra

Your next objective? Investing in Andorra

With all that we have told you, if you like it, you have to think that visitors will also like it, the thousands of tourists who come attracted by the fantastic ski slopes that the Principality has, by its ultra-competitive prices in the commerce sector, the nature or the Mediterranean culture so attractive for the rest of the European countries or the world in general.

Andorra has become an attraction in every sense of the word, the pinnacle of quality of life and business projection. A combination that convinces investors who want to add value and who are aware of the enormous advantages of investing in Andorra.

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