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Enviroment ''Els Arbres del Tarter'', Superior Real State

live in The Tarter

Living in El Tarter is living in the heart of the mountain

Life is priorities, choosing what you want and how you want it. One of the most important decisions is choosing where you want to settle down to live. When deciding where you want to take root, you must consider many aspects, a crucial one is what kind of environment you want to contemplate every day and not feel drowned at any time.

In this way, the new residents of the Principality opt to choose to live in towns such as El Tarter, a prominent point in the Principality of Andorra thanks to its quality of life, its natural environment, its mountains, the ski slopes and because the country for it usually offers them everything they need.

promoción inmobiliària Andorra

Those who want everything, want to live in "Els Arbres del Tarter"

It is what you will consider in the new promotion that we have in Superior Real Estate. "Els Arbres del Tarter" is a private and luxury complex that enjoys an exclusive and natural environment with excellent connections to the capital, Andorra la Vella and Escaldes-Engordany, where leisure centers, shops and administrative centers are located.

The "Els Arbres del Tarter" complex is a new development of premises and homes located at the foot of the Grandvalira slopes. The properties of the complex enjoy a lot of sun, views, quality finishes, swimming pool, sauna, and communal spa. For the construction of the complex, energy efficiency has been considered by applying home automation systems to control high performance lighting and air conditioning, underfloor heating through the external heat of the building and fireplaces with bioethanol burners.

The urbanization has 51 apartments with between 1 and 4 rooms with a terrace and 83 parking spaces in box format with different capacities.

However, "Els arbres del Tarter" becomes the ideal place for those who want it all, starting with a luxury home with all the comforts and advantages of modern buildings to the possibility of getting lost in enviable natural corners. Luxury, well-being, and proximity are synonymous with "Els arbres del Tarter".

Grandvalira, a jewel that attracts skiers from all over the planet.

Andorra is defined as a mountain country and the proof is the large number of ski slopes that we find in Andorran territory. At this point, if there is a domain that champions the practice of white sport, it is Grandvalira, the largest ski resort in the Pyrenees. It occupies part of the territory of three of the seven parishes of Andorra: Canillo, Encamp and Ordino.

In recent years, Grandvalira has hosted competitions of international relevance such as the European Cup and the Alpine Ski World Cup, Total Fight Masters or the World Cup of the Kilometer Launched. Apart from the interest in skiing that the station arouses in winter, during the summer we discover a multitude of leisure activities for lovers of mountain sports and for families.

One of the entrance doors to Grandvalira is the town of El Tarter, belonging to the parish of Canillo. El Tarter is located at an altitude of 1700 m, which places it among the highest towns in the Pyrenees and belongs to the parish of Canillo, where we find all the necessary services.

As for cultural interests, it should be noted that, walking through the historic center of Canillo, we can visit the Parish Church of Sant Serni, one more example of the Romanesque that we discover scattered throughout the Principality. If we refer to leisure-sports activities, the icing on the cake is the Canillo Ice Palace, a multifunctional center where we can practice skating, ice hockey, swimming or enjoy a good dinner in the restaurant on the same site.

Three must-sees are the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Meritxell, which honors the patron saint of Andorra, the Roc del Quer, a viewpoint where you can enjoy wonderful panoramic views while you accompany the "statue of the thinker" located about 500 meters from the ground , and the recently inaugurated (2022) Tibetan Bridge in the Canillo River Valley which, with its 158 meters above the ground, and 603 meters in length, is one of the longest in the world.

If what you are looking for is tranquility and nature, between El Tarter and the town of Canillo you will find the Incles Valley, one of the most spectacular natural landscapes that Andorra has to offer. Of glacial origin, the Incles Valley allows you to instantly capture the beauty offered by the subalpine and alpine landscape, with pastures and huts that symbolize the rural life of ancestral Andorra. An enclave that shows the typical flora and fauna of the country.

Andorra, vivir en un entorno natural incomparable

If there is an indisputable attraction when deciding to live in Andorra, this is the environment. We can highlight many others, but we will start with the environment that Andorra offers, since the data says it all: 90% of the surface of the Principality is occupied by natural spaces.

Andorra is a country that we could define based on its natural environment, its mountains, its lakes and mountain rivers, its natural parks and its native fauna. It is, without a doubt, a paradise for nature lovers who prioritize quality of life.

entorno el tarter

Natives of the world: welcome to Andorra

In recent years, newcomers to the Principality from all over the world have chosen to settle in the small country in the Pyrenees in search of the well-being that Andorra offers. And it is not surprising, since the strengths of the country go beyond other attractions such as education, taxation, security, or social welfare. In addition, the proximity to cities as important as Barcelona or Toulouse make Andorra a country fully connected to the rest of the world.


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