Living in Andorra is the goal of luxury

Living in Andorra is the goal of luxury

It is true that, in recent years, Andorra has aroused much interest as a residence destination for citizens from all over the world. The attractions offered by the Principality in different areas make the small country of the Pyrenees an ideal location for establishing a domicile or business option.

The quality of life offered by aspects such as the natural environment, security, the health system, the tax advantages or the proximity to major cities, make it a privileged location..

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Architecture and society have marked the evolution of the country

Andorra comes from a society which, until the last third of the 20th century, was anchored in a rural system. With the arrival of large-scale tourism and subsequent globalisation, the country evolved, maintaining the communion of traditions and constructions typical of rural societies, with the arrival of new architectural trends that modified the urban landscape that had predominated until then.

Thus, far from fleeing from its roots and influences linked to the land, Andorra has known how to combine the most modern proposals, typical of the new millennium, with the constructions which have been embellishing the country for centuries.

In this context, we can find ancient embroideries that have witnessed the passing of the years coexisting with new buildings by renowned modern architects. All this forms a landscape that pleases the eye of the past with a view to the future.

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Andorra hosts the luxury property you are looking for

The High Standing has entered with force in the demands of the buyers of houses that want to be established in the Principality. This being the case, proposals of these characteristics occupy a large part of the country's property market.

A clear example of this type of property is the La Torre building. A 19-storey building that will redraw the urban profile of the Escaldes-Engordany parish. A real candy for investors and companies from inside and outside the country, since, in addition to spaces for business, it will include luxury homes that will be the cherry on top for buyers with more purchasing power.

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The Tower, a new bet of Escaldes-Engordany

La TorreThis is not the first time that the parish of Escaldess has looked to the future and imagined what the civilization that will succeed us will be like. At the end of the last century it already bet for raising a breaking building with which it was coming being used in the country. The building of the thermoludic Caldea, opened the doors to new proposals of a more futuristic character taking into account how the cities would be in the new millennium. Later on, other parishes also adapted their urban planning to ideas that contemplated perspectives with a view to the future.

Escaldes, fulfilling its dynamic of taking steps towards the future, will enjoy La Torre at the end of 2022, which will be one of the most emblematic buildings of the city and of the whole principality. The construction will be located in the Clot d'Enprivat, the heart of the parish, and will enjoy homes with all kinds of luxury and exclusive panoramic views. Without a doubt, one more jewel of Andorra, it is located in the neuralgic centre of the country.

The promotion will have extraordinary homes with a modern and functional design, business premises that intend to make a leap in quality in their offices or commercial premises. Everything with finishes and materials of the best quality and with the most current trends.

All in all, a groundbreaking, modern and elegant concept for the Andorra of the 21st century..

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